In Search of... the best Animal Statues

This summer the Mazemke Clan will search for Fantastic Creatures great and small.  Meet Belle the worlds largest talking cow featured in our picture to the left.  She is just one of the fun friends we will see.
What do you think she says?  

In Search of... Sasquatch!

August we trailblazed the Pacific Northwest following clues on the roads of Washington to find the mysterious beast!

Education,Translation and  Technology Training:

My first writing and Spanish translating job was for a nonprofit in 1989.  In the following years I worked in international business, real estate, and education.  This lead to travel for business several times to Mexico, Spain, Honduras, and Costa Rica.  My certifications include National Board Certified Teacher in Spanish (NBCT-WLOE), MS in Applied Leadership in education with a focus on Action Research and ELL, and teaching licenses in Washington and Wisconsin states for levels birth to adult.  My others areas of study include English Language Learners and Technology training and I have volunteering my services in both of these areas.
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As a NBCT Spanish teacher, I enjoy the challenge of creating materials to provide comprehensible input and engaging curriculum for my classroom. With over twenty years experience teaching mainly high school I have a good understanding of this demographic, but I have taught middle and elementary school and adult learners as well. I currently work in Vancouver, WA, but have worked in Wisconsin in rural, urban and suburban school districts.  Volunteering with Hispanic organizations in various communities has led to my students volunteering while they learn Spanish in authentic contexts.

My teaching is student centered, and I believe in creating a class culture that makes students comfortable. (We have to keep the affect filters down for true L2 acquisition!) Student voice is important, and materials should be respectful of diverse learners and their interests. I believe in having materials that are specific to our goals: clearly understood and attainable for students.



In my free time I am cooking, paddle boarding, reading, drawing, writing, running, yoga, and driving my three kiddos to various activities. I hope to share resources to make your lives more interesting and stress free, as I only share what I have tested in my classroom and have made my class run more smoothly! Enjoy.

  • National Board Certified WLOE 2007, renewed in 2016 

  • Masters of Science: Applied Leadership in Education, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay 2002

  • University of Wisconsin - Parkside, BA in Spanish and WI certification to teach Spanish 1995