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Spanish Teacher, Author-Freelancer

Mazemke Materials Feedback

​ Have a question?  Find a typo or mistake?  Suggestions welcomed here.  In order to produce quality materials that work in the classroom, you're feedback is important.

Please email me at, and I will respond/fix the issues within 48 hours.

Creative Projects:

As a writer of YA novels and memoir, I gravitate to stories that feature young people, strong female characters, and uplifting tales of triumph over tough circumstances through humor and grit.

ON YA Novels: HIDE 
HYDE PARK has a new working title - HIDE and is currently at editorial camp.  More on the novel and its progress this summer.  

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives. - Annie Dillard

Awards, Grants, and Volunteer Work

  • Grant award for Spanish books selected by students to read and to create a public review - 2015, 2016
  • Grant award – University of Green Bay, Student author connections-2002
  • Ideas Portal Scholar Winner 2010 Various Grants
  • Milwaukee Digital Media Conference (participant and scholarship recipient)
  • Created podcasts for public use at the Milwaukee Public Museum - 2010
  • Created materials for the Wisconsin IDEAS portal as teacher resources, assisted in the junior docent program
         - Milwaukee Museum of Art - 2011